The Vintage Residency and Showing | Jools Gilson, Cindy Cummings, Mary Nunan & Bebe Miller

24/04/2023 - 28/04/2023

Smurfit Studio

Photo credit: Christopher Callis

Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: The Vintage Residency and Showing | Jools Gilson, Cindy Cummings, Mary Nunan & Bebe Miller

The Vintage returns to Dance Cork Firkin Crane for a week of mentorship with Bebe Miller this April, culminating in a showing on Friday 28th at 6pm

It only seems like a whisper ago that The Vintage was causing trouble at Dance Cork Firkin Crane in May 2022. They are back in April 2023, a bit beside themselves with excitement about their week of mentorship with (O my goodness!) Bebe Miller! Still performing and touring at age 71, Bebe is one of the defining choreographic voices of her generation. Her dance theatre adventures combine feminism, race and identity politics in ways that we hope will rock our collective boat. What trouble might we unlearn with such wise and powerful support, and what better trouble might we make?

The Vintage is a bit like an upmarket charity shop for older dancers, except with better cake. We are fine and extraordinary women, with a decade or four of experience in professional dance and choreography in Ireland, in which we have mostly been very well behaved, and we are seriously done with that. It is our conviction that wise (and perhaps wizened) older women have a bad rap in fairy tales for a good reason. The Vintage are Jools Gilson, Mary Nunan and Cindy Cummings and we are interested in embroidery and irreverence. Well irreverence anyway.

There is a free public sharing of work on Friday 28 April, 6pm, all welcome. RSVP essential to by Wednesday 26 April.

There is a Professional Morning Class hosted by Bebe Miller on Thursday 27th April, 11am. For info and booking click here.

Made possible by an Arts Council Agility Award.

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