the vintage: jools gilson

Presented by
Dance Cork Firkin Crane

24/05/2022 - 28/05/2022

Studio 1 / Smurfit

Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: the vintage: jools gilson

Ceist Residency at Firkin Crane

What does it mean to be an older dancer in Ireland in 2022? How do female dancers in their mid to late fifties and sixties move and make work in an Irish context at this historical moment? What might it mean for such older moving to take place through collaborative and irreverent play?  

The Vintage is a new way of working as well as a dance project. Cindy Cummings, Jools Gilson & Mary Nunan revisit past work as a way to access our powerful and compelling contemporaneity. It is our conviction that wise (and perhaps wisened) older women have a bad rap in fairytales for good reason. We are all kinds of dancing trouble and we’ll be following the twinkling of this wickedry during a one week residency at Firkin Crane.  

Funded by the Arts Council / Agility Award.



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