Claire Keating RESIDENCY and Sharing

29/07/2024 - 02/08/2024

Sharing Friday 2 August 6pm

Smurfit Studio

FREE, registration required

Photo credit: Claire Keating

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Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: Claire Keating RESIDENCY and Sharing

Claire Keating will be at Dance Cork Firkin Crane for her Guth Gan Ainm / Unt(n)amed Voice Ceist Residency

Claire Keating will be at Dance Cork Firkin Crane for her Guth Gan Ainm / Unt(n)amed Voice Ceist Residency for a week at the end of July/start of August 2024.

Claire's residency is to deepen her explorations into improvisational scores interweaving voice and movement. She will be joined by Cindy Cummings as mentor, and interdisciplinary dance artists Mark Carberry, Haru, Sophie Hutchinson, and Isabella Oberländer as collaborators. Together they will offer a FREE work-in-progress sharing of their research on Friday 2 August, registration required.

Claire and her collaborators will explore pre-verbal soundings, embodied text and song in dance. They will adapt pre-existing scores, such as by composer Pauline Oliveros, and Hijikata's Butoh-fu scores, joining movement and imagination via literary suggestion. Taking these embodied scores as anchors, they will create new movement and vocal performance architectures with a view towards a live installation performance.

Underpinning this exploration is a drive towards performances of the erotic, and modes of empowerment that recognise a chaos and vulnerability in difference. These frames will draw on queer and neurodivergent perspectives of otherness, heightened sensitivities, states of transformation and becoming; researching how a choreographic score might create a frame for multiplicity.

About Claire Keating
Claire Keating (she/her) is an interdisciplinary dance artist. While rooted in dance, her work spans voice and sound art, eco-somatic practices and performance art. Her investigations centre around the listening body / the possibility body and emergent energetic architectures. She has presented solo and collaborative work both as a creator and performer nationally and across the UK and Europe. Through the support of an Arts Council Bursary Award, she is currently exploring vocalisations in dance performance, engaging with collaborative improvisational scores underpinned by a neurodivergent and queer lens.

Claire is very thankful to Dance Cork Firkin Crane for their support in hosting this stage of the research. She also acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon through a Bursary Award in

facilitating this work.

Claire will also teach a weekly professional class on Thursday 1st August at 11am.

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