Professional Class/Workshop
Professional Class/Workshop

Workshop with Miranda Tufnell

Presented by
Helga Deasy

05/11/2022 - 06/11/2022

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November

10.00am - 5.00pm both days

Studio 1


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Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: Workshop with Miranda Tufnell

Two-day workshop with Miranda Tufnell to support creative practice in healthcare settings

A two-day workshop with Miranda Tufnell to support creative practice in healthcare settings as part of the Breathing Spaces workshop series curated by Helga Deasy.

Please bring with you:
Something from home that you love
A Notebook and pen

These two days offer a space to share, resource, and explore the key skills and tools that underpin a creative practice in healthcare.  We will explore qualities of presence, of listening and intention - deepening our capacity to listen creatively to what another’s body is telling us - and calibrating our responses to support an unfolding story. We will listen through breath and touch to discover the images and stories that connect and strengthen our own and another’s resources – a delicate co-creative process where we listen to the body’s silent voice.The need to be heard, to express ourselves is fundamental to wellbeing and our sense of self. Everyone has the need to tell their story, and have it valued – and our experience of illness is harsher, lonelier, when this basic human need is unfulfilled.  

Every life is a piece of art put together with all means available”

French psychiatrist, Piere Jan

The workshop is open to artists, medical and arts students and health professionals who are interested to explore and engage the body in their practice.

Miranda Tufnell is a dance artist, writer, Alexander teacher and cranio-sacral therapist. She has been teaching and making performances for over 50 years. Her work, both as a performer and in health settings has been to explore the ways in which movement shapes our sense of meaning, language and perception. With Chris Crickmay she co-authored two handbooks on sourcing creative work entitled Body Space Image (1990) and A Widening Field (2004).  She has worked extensively in the field of arts and health including part time (14 years) within the NHS for a GP surgery.  Her most recent book, When I Open My Eyes - dance health imagination (2017), documents this work. (

This workshop is curated by Helga Deasy, Dance Artist in Residence at Dance Cork Firkin Crane with kind support from the Arts Council Ireland and Cork City Council.

Breathing Spaces Workshop series on Dance, Health and Well-being curated by Helga Deasy Dance Artist in Residence at Dance Cork Firkin Crane

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