Professional Class/Workshop
Professional Class/Workshop

workshop with alberto Denis

Presented by
Dance Cork Firkin Crane

04/08/2022 - 04/08/2022

11:00 am

Dance Cork Firkin Crane


Photo credit: Alberto Denis, Image courtesy of the artist

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Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: workshop with alberto Denis

Working With Your Environment workshop with Alberto Denis

Working With Your Environment -- Immersive Theatre Practices

Alberto Denis' practice is rooted in his decade of experience as a core collaborator and company member of Third Rail Projects, an immersive theatre company in New York, and shaped by his international career as a burlesque performer.

How can you "see" with just our eyes? In this workshop, participants will be led through a series of exercises and games that explore not only how to exist seamlessly amidst an unusual landscape, but also to reflect and embody the properties of such a space. Techniques for graceful pedestrian movement and actions amidst a changing landscape of both physical structures and mobile audiences will be explored.

Comfortable clothes for movement recommended and knee pads encouraged. Prior theatrical movement experience of dance is absolutely not required.

The duration of this workshop is 3 hours.

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