Professional Class/Workshop
Professional Class/Workshop

Weekly Professional Class with Connie-Jane Lovell

Presented by
Dance Cork Firkin Crane

25/05/2023 - 25/05/2023

11:00 am

Mirror Room


Photo credit: Courtesy of Connie-Jane Lovell

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Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: Weekly Professional Class with Connie-Jane Lovell

Dance has been a lifelong companion to Connie-Jane Lovell, and we welcome her to teach our weekly class this May.

Dance has been a lifelong companion to Connie. She trained in many styles, eventually focusing her interests in Contemporary Dance, becoming acquainted with herself and her body in a new light. She became increasingly curious about her relationship with dance, recognising the dependency that had existed there. This investigation into the relationship with moving body has led Connie to further study in areas of Somatics, authentic movement, Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Questioning the need to dance, what it is at the root of our impulse to move expressively, and the relationship between dance, movement and music, her exploration led her to recognise movement as an entity of it's own. Currently rekindling the relationship between her dancing body and music in the studio, bridged by her inherent love for musicality, she returns to a choreographic 'innocence' with music having a say once again. Dance allows us to unearth, draw out, to purge, express and sometimes we do not need to have a reason, sometimes we just need to learn a dance, connect with the music, dance it out, allow our bodies to speak, and allow ourselves to feel deeply.

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