Special Event
Special Event

Showing: jools gilson, mary nunan, cindy cummings

Presented by
Dance Cork Firkin Crane

28/05/2022 - 28/05/2022

6:00 pm

Smurfit Studio Theatre

Free. To reserve a place, email boxoffice@firkincrane.ie by May 26, 5pm

Photo credit: Mary Nunan, photo courtesy of the artist

Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: Showing: jools gilson, mary nunan, cindy cummings

Informal showing of residency work

After a week’s residency at Dance Cork Firkin Crane, the Vintage (Cindy Cummings, Jools Gilson and Mary Nunan) will open the studio doors to share what they have discovered while revisiting The Secret Project, a work from 1999.  Originally supported by the Arts Council, Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada) and ICD (as Firkin Crane was called then), the work toured internationally to critical acclaim. 

Using The Secret Project as anchor and provocation, this residency at Firkin Crane, supported by an Arts Council Agility Award, will allow these artists to dive more deeply into the thematic, choreographic and textual ideas and provide a starting point for the development of new processes of making. The residency will focus on the choreography/texts through collaborative improvisation and the use of voice/poetic text, resulting in the development of a new work called The Vintage, which will speak to the visibility and voice of older dance artists as performers in Ireland.

"This dance archive is in us - how might it twinkle and run amok in 2022? We want to wrestle with it, perform it and say it OUT LOUD.  It is our conviction that wise (and perhaps wizened) older women have a bad rap in fairytales for good reason. We are all kinds of dancing trouble and we’ll be following the twinkling of this wickedry during a one week residency at Firkin Crane."

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