The Vintage & Bebe Miller

Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: The Vintage & Bebe Miller

The Vintage Ceist Residency

The Vintage returned to Dance Cork Firkin Crane in April for a very special reunion residency, over 20 years since they first danced together. Jools Gilson, Mary Nunan and Cindy Cummings worked with mentor Bebe Miller for a week long residency, before presenting an informal showing-of-work on Friday 28th April.

Bebe Miller (USA) is one of the defining choreographic voices of her generation, and has been dancing for over five decades. Her dance theatre adventures combine feminism, race and identity politics.

In their own words: ‘The Vintage is a bit like an upmarket charity shop for older dancers, except with better cake. We are fine and extraordinary women, with a decade or four of experience in professional dance and choreography in Ireland, in which we have mostly been very well behaved, and we are seriously done with that. It is our conviction that wise (and perhaps wizened) older women have a bad rap in fairy tales for a good reason. The Vintage are Jools Gilson, Mary Nunan and Cindy Cummings and we are interested in embroidery and irreverence. Well irreverence anyway.

All images are by Marcin Lewandowski

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