Take Off Festival Coming February 2023

Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: Take Off Festival Coming February 2023

Grab your seats as we Take Off with Dance Cork Firkin Crane’s new festival taking place 16th – 18th February 2023.

Take Off Festival is 3 days of exhilarating dance in Cork city, celebrating and showcasing dance artists from Ireland and Europe. Modelled on Dance Limerick’s WHAT NEXT Festival, Take Off features three international choreographers’ works, chosen from the Aerowaves Twenty22 selected artists. They will be presented on shared programmes alongside the work of three Irish choreographers. Take Off Festival, 16th – 18th February 2023 at Dance Cork Firkin Crane.

Keep an eye out for full Take Off Festival programme details coming early January 2023, join our mailing list here to hear all the latest news first!

Image: the pleasure of stepping off of a horse when it’s moving at full speed by Courtney May Robertson. Photo by Annavan Kooij.

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