Inclusive Dance Cork in 2024 – The Halfway Point!

Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: Inclusive Dance Cork in 2024 – The Halfway Point!

IDC's year so far

Inclusive Dance Cork (IDC) is now at its halfway point for the 2024 training year. This year of the programme has twenty enthusiastic participants who bring their best to the dance floor every training weekend. So far, the participants have worked with Mary Hartney, Maeve Kelleher, and Adam Benjamin on an engaging range of topics including: an introduction to the world of inclusive dance; working with a choreographer; approaches to contact improvisation in inclusive settings; improvisation with props; exploring, respecting, and using space; timing in improvisation; experimenting with the voice and movement; and remembering movement in time and space to reference again in future improvisations and choreographies. 

Participants have also engaged in Zoom conversations with Judith Smith of Axis Dance, Alice Sheppard of Kinetic Light, Silva Laukkanen of Art Spark Dance, and independent dancer Kimberley Harvey. These conversations have included topics such as: accessibility in dance spaces; different paths of career development in inclusive dance; striking a balance between minding the body and engaging in a dance career; and advocacy in the performing arts. 

IDC 2024 is looking forward to three more training sessions to finish out this year of inclusive dance training. The schedule for the training year is: 

Week 4: Sunday 21st & Monday 22nd April with Marc Brew as Guest Facilitator and Alice Sheppard as Zoom Speaker

Week 5: Sunday 5th & Monday 6th May with Lisa Cliffe as Guest Facilitator and Karen Gleeson and Paula Clarke as Zoom Speakers

Week 6: Sunday 19th, Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st, and Wednesday 22nd May with Cindy Cummings as Guest Facilitator and Linda Fearon as Zoom Speaker

This ambitious and exciting programme is made possible by all of the partners of Inclusive Dance Cork. Dance Cork Firkin Crane is the home of Inclusive Dance Cork. Partners University College Cork, Suisha Inclusive Arts: Cope Foundation, and Cork Education and Training Board provide essential support for participants and accreditation opportunities. Finally, IDC is generously funded by ReThink Ireland through the Disability Participation and Awareness Fund 2023 and the Community Foundation for Ireland through a donation by an anonymous donor.

To register your interest:

If you are interested in joining IDC or would like further information about the course, please email IDC Project Coordinator Kaylie Streit at

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