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Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: Inclusive Dance Cork 2024 – Register your interest

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Please note this is an archived page containing older information about Inclusive Dance Cork. For up to date information, please visit the main IDC page here.

Inclusive Dance Cork* (IDC) is a training programme open to dance and movement practitioners interested in learning inclusive dance methods. Taking place monthly from January through May 2024, IDC is geared towards enthusiastic dancers with and without disabilities including dance practitioners, teachers, and professional artists. The programme was initially conceived by Yvonne Coughlan, chairperson of Dance Cork Firkin Crane, and other partners including Suisha Inclusive Arts – Cope Foundation. Inclusive Dance Cork’s current partners are University College Cork, Cork Education and Training Board, Suisha Inclusive Arts – Cope Foundation, the Community Foundation for Ireland, and Dance Cork Firkin Crane.

*Originally titled Integrated Dance Cork, the use of Inclusive in the programme name was introduced in July 2022, as a more appropriate and contemporary term.


There are two overall modules: Introduction to Inclusive Dance: Steps Toward Choreography and Introduction to Inclusive Dance: Improvisation as a Method for Inclusion, which will run concurrently throughout the year of the programme. Sessions are led by IDC Artistic Director Rhona Coughlan and expert tutors in the fields of dance, disabilities and facilitation. Training covered in the programme includes: an introduction to inclusive dance, guidelines and best practice around working with people with disabilities and skills in facilitation, improvisation, choreography, collaboration, and creation.


IDC runs over five 2-day blocks, one 5-day intensive, and one 4-day intensive from January to May 2024, taking place at Dance Cork Firkin Crane.

Week 1: Sunday 4th & Monday 5th February, 10am-6pm
Week 2: Sunday 18th & Monday 19th February, 10am-6pm
Week 3: Sunday 10th & Monday 11th March, 10am-6pm
Week 4: Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th March, 10am-5pm
Week 5: Sunday 21st & Monday 22nd April, 10am-6pm
Week 6: Sunday 5th & Monday 6th May, 10am-6pm
Week 7: Sunday 19th & Monday 20th May, 10am-6pm
Week 8: Tuesday 21st May & Wednesday 22nd May, 10am-6pm

Accreditation, Application & Fees

Applications for the course open in early January and are accepted on a rolling basis until the programme begins on the 4th of February. The first round of interviews will be held between the 17th – 19th of January.

You may apply directly to the course through Dance Cork Firkin Crane without a Micro Credit option, through University College Cork for Micro Credits, or through Suisha Inclusive Arts: Cope Foundation. If you would like to take the course through University College Cork, please let us know. We will record your interest in the Micro Credits and let you know when the UCC online application portal opens in early January. Inclusive Dance Cork is free for participants who attend through Dance Cork Firkin Crane and Cope Foundation. Fees will apply to the microcredits portion of the programme through University College Cork at a reduced rate of 200 euros. University College Cork has discounted this fee from the normal rate of 2,000 euros (1,000 euros per module for 2 modules) for this year only.

To Register your Interest

If you are interested in joining IDC or would like further information about the course, please email IDC Project Coordinator Kaylie Streit at

Image description: Image of five dance artists, two men and three women, wearing black t-shirts, rehearsing in a theatre. They are mid-performance, they are leaning forward together. The dancer at the front has the back of his hand held against his face. Image credit Marcin Lewandowski.

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