Mufutau Yusuf Residency

08/01/2024 - 12/01/2024

Sharing Friday 12 January 6pm

Studio 1


Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork: Mufutau Yusuf Residency

Mufutau Yusuf will be in residence at Dance Cork Firkin Crane in January 2024

Mufutau Yusuf is in the process of creating Impasse, a work that explores the diasporic experience, particularly the black African diaspora. It questions what it means to be a diasporic entity, how one inhabits spaces in which one's existence is not clearly marked, and how memory becomes critical to one's identity. The work also attempts to understand the nuances and complexities around the autonomy of black bodies. During this residency Yusuf will be working with Congolese dancer Lucas Katangila.

Mufutau Yusuf is a performer, choreographer, teacher, and curator. He works as a freelance artist between Ireland and Brussels. A recipient of many awards, he is currently an associate artist with Liz Roche Company and Solstice Arts Centre, and is co-curator of the workshop platform 'TW1'.

  • A co-production with Liz Roche Company, funded by the Arts Council. With support from Solstice Arts Centre, Dance Cork Firkin Crane, Irish Arts Center, Maison De La Danse Lyon and Dublin Dance Festival.

Mufutau Yusuf will teach weekly professional class on Thursday 11 January 2024 at 11am as part of the residency

There will be a FREE sharing on Friday 12 January at 6pm. Please email to register your attendance.

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